Cultivation is one thing. The knowledge behind how to process tea is another. Specialists transform the plant into drinkable tea in a multi-step process. The product is carefully controlled and certified by international experts. Strong black tea served on a tray. Healthy green tea that prevents illness. Natural organic tea that is environmentally friendly and flavourful. Çaykur has the right offer for every taste.

Çaykur will continue to be the biggest and leading establishment of the sector by increasing the quality, efficiency and products range in conformity with conditions of developing market.

Developing tea agriculture of Turkey in conformity with the Agricultural Policy, improving tea quality, executing its processing according to technical principles, producing dry tea to meet domestic and foreign market needs, importing and exporting it, creating investment resources by helping capital accumulation through management policy which is based on efficiency principles.

Çay İşletmeleri Genel Müdürlüğü

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