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Bathroom Renovations

Whether it’s enhancing character to reflect your unique sense of style and comfort, or starting on a fresh, clean slate and reimagining the purpose of the design itself, we take great pride in turning your wildest imaginations into reality. We’re happy when your bathroom becomes your happy place.

Kitchen Renovations

The recipe for tasteful kitchen renovations calls for a dash of design expertise, blended with a keen sense of style. That’s why our team of experienced kitchen renovation experts is eager to help you create the perfect space for cooking, entertaining, dining and every bit of life. We work with you to design and create your dream kitchen.

Basement Renovations

Even though it’s often a space that becomes forgotten or closed off after buying a home, basements deserve a much better rap than they’ve built over the years. Basement renovations in Ottawa provide much more than the cold, dingy storage areas you may be accustomed to. Transform your basement into a useable space.

Landscaping Services

We’ll work from the ground up to bring life and nature, carefully planned and positioned around your unique home. Your Ottawa landscaping may be an eyesore now, but is only a few detailed touches away from becoming a beautiful, welcoming extension of your home abundant with sights and scents to take in.


Have you been daydreaming about adding a touch of privacy to your outdoor space? We’re eager to bring your visions to life by doing all the heavy lifting for you, no matter how complex. Whether it’s a new pergola, deck or fence in Ottawa, you (and your neighbours) are going to absolutely love your outdoor space after working with us.

Garage Doors

Your garage door has a much bigger impact than being the entryway to your car’s warm, dry shelter. As the most dynamic part of your home, we like to consider your Ottawa garage doors as your second front door. Installing or repairing your garage door offers a range of benefits; from curb appeal to security.

Commercial Snow Removal

We can do shoveling, plowing and removal from public and commercial walkways, driveways, and parking lots. Our skilled labor specializes in managing heavy winter rain and snowfalls. They can work under severe weather conditions to sand and salt freezing rain, ensuring customers’ safety.


Specializing in demolition of commercial properties has granted us with the skills to take on any demolition project, including commercial & residential demolition, kitchen gutting and basement tear downs. From taking down buildings to homes, we handle every job safely, taking care of the disposal of all unwanted materials.

Other Handy Services

While our teams are most often focused on services inside and around the backyard, your home has plenty hidden spaces and features that need attention and proper care. Don’t let our other handy services fall to the wayside; taking care of them sooner than later will save you time, and prevent you from paying more than you can afford!

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